Society for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning


SAiDl is a non-profit, professional group of motivated individuals based out of BITS Pilani, working on research and application of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Our members have been involved in collaborations/internships with researchers from reputed labs and institutions from around the world including Harvard, MILA, Microsoft Research, MIT, CMU, IISc Bang, CERN, INRIA, ECMWF, CSHL, MIDAS-IIITD, CNRS and more. Through involvement in these projects, we aim to:

  • Inculcate the spirit of research in Indian universities

  • Form an extensive alumni network of researchers in AI and deep learning, and

  • Collaborate with industry and research labs on cutting-edge research


  • [Jul '21] SAiDL's Summer Induction Assignment is out! Fill this form to register and join the slack workspace

  • [May '21] Rajaswa will be teaching the Transformers tutorial at Neuromatch Academy!

  • [May '21] Rajaswa has been selected for SMLP 2021 Summer school!

  • [May '21] Vedant, Rishabh and Atharv will be interning at TCS Research this summer!

  • [May '21] Het will be interning at MSR India!

  • [May '21] Gaurav and Vedant will be doing their thesis at MILA!

  • [May '21] Vishwa will be doing her thesis at MIDAS, IIIT D!

  • [May '21] Neelay will be doing his thesis at Harvard!

  • [May '21] Alish will be doing his RAship at NBRC!

  • [May '21] Het and Avishree have been selected as research interns for the project ML4Land at ESOWC-ECMWF 2021.

  • [Apr '21] Rajaswa will be a Data Science Intern at Cognizer!

  • [Mar '21] Souradeep got placed at Flipkart for the role of APM!

  • [Jan '21] Aditya starts his thesis at the Visual Computing Group (VCG) at Harvard.

  • [Oct '20] Het will be working as a remote research intern at VCL, IISc Bangalore.

  • [Aug '20] Sharad will be working as a remote research intern at CMU's SafeAI Lab.

  • [Aug '20] Pranav got a PPO at Nvidia and Het and Rijul got placed at Paypal!

  • [Aug '20] Aditya got a PPO from!

  • [Aug '20] SAiDL's Summer Induction Assignment is out! To register fill the form and join the slack channel.

  • [Jul '20] Ten SAiDL members have been selected for the AI Summer School organized by Google Research India (among 150 selections across India)!

  • [Jul '20] Ashwin, Rijul and Het's paper got accepted at MLSA 2020 workshop which is collocated with ECML-PKDD 2020.

  • [Jul '20] SAiDL is organizing "Summer Symposium on AI Research". To register fill the form.

  • [Jul '20] Rajaswa's & Somesh's papers have been accepted at the SemEval-2020 workshop which is collocated with COLING-2020.

  • [Jun '20] Alish and Mehul have been selected as TAs for Neuromatch Academy!

  • [May '20] Ashwin will be working as a remote research intern at QTIM Lab, Harvard Medical School in collaboration with MGH!

  • [May '20] Ajay will be working as a remote research intern at Harvard University in collaboration with MIT!

  • [May '20] Aditya will be working as a research intern at ECMWF as part of their ESoWC program!

  • [May '20] SAiDL is organizing a reading course on Neurolinguistics. POC and lead: Rajaswa Patil

  • [May '20] Pranav starts his position as a Hardware Engineering Intern at Nvidia to work on Distributed Deep Learning technologies!

  • [May '20] Shangeth starts his position as a Research Intern at IBM Research!

  • [May '20] SAiDL is organizing a Season of Code to work on cutting edge research projects with a strong focus on open source software. Check out our projects here!